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, you can get a tax credit, right? >> you can, but a broker can help you actually get the tax credit. and the irs has a great website set up where you can actually calculate or your broker can help you calculate what that tax credit would be for you and your employees. >> that brings up a question we received on facebook. sherry writes, "i and my husband are self employed business/owner operators. we are self insured. is it better to continue with my regular insurance highmark or go to the government site?" how do you answer that, tom? >> every individual has a separate circumstance, and there's no true single answer that's best for any person across the country. the fact is, health insurance is complicated and ever more complicated today than 15 years ago, so you have to go through a complicated process, regardless of a individual, small business, large business. whether you're self insured or fully insured, you have to go through the process to figure that out. >> what's the benefit of me getting insurance through one of the exchanges, versus telling my employees, okay, you can go
on federal tax laws, rate charts for loans and information on a variety of state requirements. >>> it may be hard to believe but thanksgiving is just around the corner. soon after the beginning the beginning of the holiday shopping season frenzy. that means that now is the time for small business owners to start getting ready for november 30th. that is small business saturday. the push to get customers to shop local kicks off into high gear this week and you need to be proactive to get them to think small. >> november 30th is the fourth annual small business saturday. a day people around the country get together to support the small businesses that create jobs and keep our neighborhoods vital. small business owners know how important the holiday shopping season is, which is why small business saturday comes between black friday and cyber monday. it's a campaign to get customers to skip the big box stores and shop locally. >> with all the publicity around black friday, people tend to be distracted and go to the mall and business is down, it's great to redirect people back to the town cente
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)